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Report on CAT Training

May 18, 2017 - May 18, 2017

Fifteen students were selected for a One Day Training and Hands on Workshop on Latest Automotive Diagnostics jointly conducted by CAT (Candour Auto Tech Pvt. Ltd.) and LAUNCH at CAT Labs Trivandrum on 18 May 2017.
The workshop was opened with the topic vehicle electrical and electronics, by CAT CEO,  Mr.Shamnas. He then differentiated decentralized and centralized electrical systems adopted in vehicles. He also explained what are sensors and actuators and in what way it is used in vehicles. After the tea break Mr. Shamnas presented the major system of an automobile which is the Control Module. He taught the most basic and foundation things of a control module, and students were given a hands on experience on control modules. The morning session also included communication protocols, CAN (controller area network) bus and the diagnostic devices used to diagnose vehicles. Students were excited for the afternoon session, because of the live diagnosis of the vehicles, which also gave the students to do a hand-on on the devices and perform diagnosis on their own which was a new level of experience. During diagnosis he explained the significance of each and every options that showed up on the screen. In the last session of the day was Q&A, students came up with different queries at the end of the day and they were able to clear them in the best possible manner. Every one gathered in front of CAT to click some photos and parted by exchanging handshakes and greeting with Mr.Shamnas and his team.

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