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SPARK: Career and Challenges in Electrical, Electronics and Biotechnology Industries (IT Focus)

Mar 23, 2017 - Mar 23, 2017

A workshop entitled SPARK: Career and Challenges in Electrical, Electronics and Biotechnology Industries (IT Focus) was conducted by Dr. Zahid Ansari, Dean (Research), P.A. College of Engineering on 23/03/2017, to empower the students of ECE, BT and EEE departments to identify the importance of learning programming and steps to be taken to acquire the programming skills.

In this workshop, Prof. Jamil Ahmed SK motivated the students to imbibe and enhance the programming skills to excel in their respective domains. He cited specific examples of programming skills used in their specific domains. He also cited examples that professionals from all walk of life are learning coding i.e. from footballer to singer and almost every one. He asserted that programming trains the mind to think logically. To summarize, he emphasized that by learning programming one can have creative solutions within minutes and hours than working in the Lab for days and months.

Dr. Abdullah Gubbi, (HOD ECE) addressed the students to come forward and take this opportunity provided by PACE and hone their professional skills by adding the feather of programming which will make them industry ready. To summarize, Prof. Ahmed Rimaz concluded If you\\\'re a scientist or engineer, programming can enable you to work 10 to 100 times faster and to come up with more creative solutions than your colleagues who don\\\'t know how to program and advised to learn just enough about programming, it helps in developing algorithmic thinking. He also answered the queries of the students related to the program.

The program was conducted at 12:00 noon, in Multipurpose Hall with full attendance of 6th semester of ECE, BT and EEE students, and coordinated by Prof. Kavita and Dr. Shailet in presence of Dr. Krishnaprasad (HOD  Biotechnology), Prof. John Valder (HOD EEE), Prof. Tanvir H Sardar.

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