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A visit to hydro power plant at Dedipe, Kajoor

Aug 20, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017

A visit to hydro power plant at Dedipe, kajoor

Location:  Ermai water falls,Dedipe

Date: 20/08/2017

Distance: 77km from P A College of Engineering

Project Guide:Prof.Rudhresha N (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)

Accompanied lecturers:

1.     Prof.Rayid Muneer (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)

2.     Prof.Amrutha (Dept of Civil Engineering)


Department of Mechanical Engineering

1.     Laxmeesha G Naik  (4PA14ME407)

2.     Abdul Nabzeer        (4PA14ME700)

3.     Muhammed Safwan BM  (4PA14ME419)

4.     Gururaj R shetty   (4PA14ME038)

5.     Suresh Beerappa Yadavada  (4PA14ME119)

6.     Shazib Ahmed    (4PA14ME114)

7.     Recaz                (4PA14ME040)      


Department of Civil Engineering

1.     Mir Majid Manzoor  (4PA14CV045)

2.     Keshava        (4PA14CV039)

3.     Fahana SN     (4PA14CV022)

4.     Hiba Mohamed Shareef    (4PA14CV030)

5.     Abdul Razik   (4PA14CV004)

6.     Divananda    (4PA14CV021)

7.     Fazil T.M       (4PA14CV028)

  On 20th August 2017 a team of 17 (14 students and 3 lecturers) set out from P A College of Engineering grounds at 8:00 am with the aim of visiting and investigating the features of hydro power plant installed at Ermai falls,Dedipe,16kms from Ujjire. Ermai falls is one of the magnificant water falls situated in the Western Ghats near Dharmasthala. The route was followed via Mudipu, B C Road ,Belthangady and Ujjire to Dedipe ,Kajoor.Ujjire is 61kms from P.A College of Engineering. Dedipe is 1st class deciduous or evergreen timber forest of tall and straight boles.

Ermai falls is a stream of water falling from great height and forms a descent pond structure at the base.Surface integration of mechanical nature become rapid and loose gravel is conveyed down to lower levels by runoff water. From the road side we had to trek 2kms interior to reach the falls. No proper sign boards were provided and we had to seek help of localsa to reach the falls. At the base of Ermai falls, we located a turbine which possessed the following features:

·        Type of turbine: Pelton turbine

·        Water head: More than 20m

·        Capacity: 1) 2.2 KW @ 1445 and 2)1kw @1440rpm

·        Diameter of penstock: 80 to 120 mm

·        State of turbine: One is in idle state, other is working.

Few meters away from the first turbine there was another Pelton turbine for a capacity of 1kw and was in functioning state. Both the turbines were connected to alternators.

         The visit helped us to collect various information and experience which added to the beneficial knowledge for the continuation of our project at Kundapura.

The beautiful Ermai falls served us with mesmerising visual treat and trekking was an adventurous experience making complete success of our visit.

We want to thank our bellowed HOD’s from Mechanical and Civil Department, our principal and Management for their help and support by providing bus facility.

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