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PACE tie up with Austin University, California

May 8, 2018 - May 8, 2018

Under the initiative of MBA department, P A Educational trust has recently entered into a tie up with Austin University, California by signing a MOU to provide an opportunity to its students to peruse global mini MBA.

About the Program

   This Global Mini-MBA is a One-month Program, and is uniquely designed specifically for enrolled students at business or engineering colleges and for graduates with business or engineering backgrounds to give them the high performance Management, Marketing, Operation, and Finance skills of an MBA. This intensive course will help you to translate your learning into new behaviours and improvements in your capability and performance and will work through live issues impacting on the industry you are in and on you directly. The program incorporates job-focused education and trains young men and women for great jobs in the global economy. The participants are offered internship /training in the Silicon Valley from some of the tech worlds most innovative organizations such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google and AT&T. This will provide you with on-site exposure to companies that are known worldwide and enhance your opportunities for jobs in your country or abroad. One of the most important benefits of the internship we offer our students is the Silicon Valley network of access, opportunity and innovation. Participants will spend several months studying and training at the Colleges in their countries followed by a one-month stay at our campus in California. The courses and lectures are provided by internationally recognized scholars and representatives of global companies and are geared towards imparting job-related employment skills. All units earned in the Global Mini-MBA program are, of course, completely transferable if the student wishes to enrol for further study in the Austin University MBA program. Working in the highly competitive Market, with ever-increasing change and pressure, is probably one of the most challenging managerial roles of any Industry today. This program has been especially designed to help you transcend these challenges by training you to become equipped to see the bigger picture in all aspects of your role. It will help you build your management skills for the future and prepare you to fulfill your ambitions. The program is an accelerated management program containing the most valuable parts of an MBA, as applied to different industries. It Will provide you With practical management tools to apply in the workplace, as well as give a real taste of an MBA course with practical case studies from Austin University and other world-class business schools. 

By the end of this program students improve on the following 
1. Problem solving 
2. Strategic thinking 
3. Global Leadership 
4. Finance and Accounting Techniques 
5. Strategic Marketing 
6. Decision making, and prioritization 
7. Change management 
8. Implementing strategy 
9. Team working 
10. Project Management 
11. Cross-cultural communication
12.  Increased self confidence

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