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Chairman’s Message

Dr. P.A.Ibrahim Haji


The objectives of education are closely linked with that of our life. Modern education is classified from Kinder Garten level to specialties and super specialties thus branching out into perfect areas of specialization; education is not meant for acquiring knowledge and information alone but translate them into action and activities for the convenience of man and human race as a whole. As I write this piece disclosure comes of a device to charge mobile batteries by cordless means. Thus goes the thousands of innovations the advance of technology offers to man.

The above relates to the convenience and comforts of living. Thus it satisfies the total or partial need of a person. No doubt people enjoy the fruits of the modern equipment’s and tools. That does not mean he has peace at heart. This is where the lesson of humanities is relevant and important. This is where the religious belief and trust of a person contribute. In short there should be a balance between science and humanities. This lesson is best given as part and parcel of his classroom days. I don’t know how far this liaison is planned in the western countries and those emulating them in our own countries.

The best way is to import western technology and export humanities and human values as we see in our culture and belief, thus benefiting both east and west equally.

The best satisfaction in life comes not by increasing the bank balance but offering even part of our belongings to those in need, not by being rough and tough on needless occasions but by being kind and responsive as the need arise.

PACE is intended to address the human and scientific aspect of modern life. Our institutions inculcate the human values and also equip a person to withstand the tremendous pressure of technological advances, social media and the consequence of becoming a prey and distraction to the contents therein but balancing life and attitude by judicious evaluation and distinction. We are concerned of this trend and are engaged to turn out a worthwhile human being. Our teachers with vast experience and exposure shall ensure model education of your ward.

As chairman I assure one and all of you to do whatever humanly possible to convert the above dream into a reality.

About Chairman

The life of Dr. P A. Ibrahim is a saga of determination, trust and sacrifice. He had a dream and the path to that dream was never easy, but hard and full of obstacles; yet he worked "with heart within and God over head", never succumbing to difficulties. The fort like personality of Dr. P A Ibrahim Haji has made it's unique impact on a variety of business fields, in the founding of various educational institutions and the different charitable moves he has initiated. The business empire that he has built, which ranges in India and abroad is just one part of his achievements. He could achieve all this because of a deep understanding of the values in life, an urge and willingness to serve humanity and above all a great desire for growth and development. Dr.PA Ibrahim's name is synonymous with quality and integrity in the fields of textiles, jewellery, education, automobile and various other businesses.

Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji hails from Pallikere, a village in Kasargod, Kerala's border district with Karnataka best known for Bekal Fort, the biggest in the state. His parents are late Mr. PA. Abdulla Haji and Aiyashabi. He had his early education in Government Mapplia L.P. School and Kottikulam Government Fishery High School. He had his college education in Mangalore Govt. Arts College in Karnataka and from Chennai he secured a Diploma in Automobile Engineering. Central Minister for Power, the late P.M. Sayeed and ex- Central Minister for Law Veerappa Moily were his college mates during his studies at Mangalore Govt. Arts College.

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P.A. Educational Trust, founded in 1999 imparting quality education in professional and other courses.

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