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REFLECTION: Research and Publication

Apr 11, 2017 - Apr 11, 2017

A series of presentations entitled REFLECTION: Research and Publication were conducted by Dr. Zahid Ansari, Dean (Research),P.A. College of Engineering from 4thto 11thApril 2017,to motivate the faculty members of Mechanical, Civil, CSE, ECE,EEE, Biotechnology and Basic Science departments, to do the quality research and publications and unleash their skills. The major objective of the program was to enhance the research activities by activating and strengthening various research interest groups formed in each department.

In these presentations, Dr. Zahid Ansari emphasized, the importance of quality research in the growth of faculty members, academic institution, society and the nation as a whole.He encouraged the faculty members to enhance the activities of research interest groups formed in various departments by conducting periodical research specific meetings, discussions or presentations. He also requested the faculty members to set their personal research specific goals and publish at least one paper in a semester by utilising the vacation.

The series started with the first presentation at the Mechanical engineering department conference on 4th April 2017 from 12noon to 1pm in presence of HOD Mechanical and Vice-Principal Dr. Ramis M.K and Director (Academics) Prof SurfrazHashim. Dr.Ramis explained the faculty members the importance and impacts of good publications on CVs.The second presentation was conducted inCivil Engineering faculty meeting room at 4 pm on 5thApril 2017, with the keynote from HOD Civil Dr.Palakshappa to make use of this program and enhance the research and development activities in the Civil Engineering department.The next presentation was held on 7thApril 2017at 12 noon for the faculty members of ECE and Biotechnology departments, the HOD ECE department Dr. Abdullah Gubbi invoked the importance of publications, and advised the faculty members to do the quality research.HOD Biotechnology Dr. Krishna Prasad stressed on publishing in the journals of good quality rather than the predatory journals.On the same day at. 3:45 pm another presentation was held at the Board Room for the faculty members teaching first year engineering students including those from departments of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Dr. Ramis M.K recommended the faculty members of pure science departments to collaborate with other engineering faculty members and utilize student project groups to promote the multi-disciplinary research.  On April 2017 two presentations were organized for the faculty members of departments of EEE and CSE respectively. HOD of EEE department Prof. John Walder appreciated the effort and faculty members made intention to enhance the pace of research and publication activities.The series of program culminated on 11thApril 2017 with the last presentation at Computer Science and Engineering department with wise words for the faculty members to enhance the quality and volume of research and innovation by the HOD of CSE Dr. SharmilaKumari.

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